Pawmigo’s adorably silly game, Cat Sorter VR, out meow!

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Pawmigo Games brings their debut virtual reality game, Cat Sorter VR, to the HTC Vive today. In Cat Sort VR you are given an important task: fix these cats’ impurrfections by removing the incorrect features, give them the correct features and send them on their way.

“The Pawmigo team is made up of cat owners and game designers that were inspired to combine the two to create a really fun and entertaining experience that invites anyone and everyone to play, and also adds to the growing genre of accessible VR games,” said Spencer Stuard, Pawmigo Games founder and designer, and formerly of Nightschool Studio (creators of the award-winning OXENFREE video game). “We’re ecstatic to be able to introduce players to the humor and frantic gameplay of Cat Sorter VR, and bring a litter of silly kitties to players’ homes without the worry of cat allergies.”

Cat Sorter VR doesn’t have to be a lonely task, you can play it with other players to enjoy the kitten madness. Cat Sorter VR is available on Steam and Viveport for a special limited launch price of $9.99.

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