Pair of Battlefield 3 Trailers

If you have the slightest interest in first-person shooting games, you need to watch this right now. We’ve got two Battlefield 3 videos from E3, and they are simply mind-blowing. First up is a video featuring Dice’s incredible new Frostbite 2 graphics engine. After that, check out a glimpse at some multiplayer mayhem. I’m not an FPS guy, but the footage in these looks like it came straight from a recruiting commercial on TV. I’m impressed, but are you?



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A gamer since the days of loading 'Hunt the Wumpus' and 'Eliza' from cassette on a TRS-80, Lewis enjoys card and board games, as well as video games. He enjoys the dying breed known as the turn-based RPG, as well as racing, puzzle, and adventure titles. He has also been known to give his life over to MMORPGs for extended periods of time.

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