Own Mass Effect 3? You’ll get a special armor in Dead Space 3.

n7 ds3
Dead Space 3 is coming out soon, and to get us all pumped for the release of the upcoming horror action game, EA and Visceral Games just announced that there will be a nice treat for players who own Mass Effect 3.  If you bought copies of both games, your incarnation of Issac Clarke will have access to Commander Shepard’s distinctive armor.

How do you get it?  Well, according to EA’s press release it’s as easy as

·  Play Mass Effect 3 and make sure you have a save file.

·  Purchase and play the full game of Dead Space 3.

·  Equip N7 armor and look awesome!

That’s it.  Sounds like you won’t be able to get Shepard’s armor until New Game + mode, but it’s still a nice bonus.  Dead Space comes out February 5, 2013.  Until then, you can get a taste of the game by playing the demo available on PS3 and Xbox 360.


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