Over $140 million was pledged to Kickstarter games projects last year

A lot of people were really interested in funding different game projects last year, as Kickstarter announced today that over $144 million was pledged for over 7,000 different projects.

Including all games projects, 978,189 backers pledged $144,407,094 in an attempt to fund the 7,466 projects launched last year. Of those launched projects, 2,259 were successful, equating to a 30.3% success rate. 1,230 of those successfully funded projects were tabletop games and 421 were video games.

2015 also gave rise to Kickstarter’s most funded game project and most backed project in the site’s history. Over 219,000 backers pledged over $8 million to the card game Exploding Kittens, whose campaign goal was only $10 thousand.

The most successful video game on Kickstarter last year was Shenmue III, which raised over $6.3 million from more than 69,000 backers.

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