Out of Steam Early Access, Battlerite goes free-to-play

Today, Stunlock Studios announced that their team arena brawler Battlerite has moved from Early Access to full free-to-play on Steam. In celebration of this launch, a patch as well as a brand new champion, Thorn, have both been released. In addition to the new champion, 200 new items including rare weapons, outfits, victory poses, legendary color variations, and seven additional music tracks have been released.

Enter Battlerite’s arena and engage in quick and intense action through highly competitive, rip-roaring 2v2 and 3v3 battles in a vibrant, colosseum-style surrounding. Control one of 22 champions that specialise in either melee, support, or ranged combat – from Bakko, the heroic brawler, or Jade, the long-range gunner, to Blossom, the ultimate team support. It’s all about skill-shots, timing, and reactions as you dodge projectiles and pull off massive ultimate attacks using intuitive WASD movement and cursor-based aiming. Team up with friends, smash in style, and triumph over the competition.

Players will gain access to six unique champions each week on a free rotation allowing players to try out new play-styles and discover their favorites without initially committing to a character. Each champion, similar to other MOBAs, can be premanently unlocked with in-game currency or in-app purchases. Want all of the champions immediately? The “Champion’s Pack” will unlock all 22 current champions and all future champions for $29.99.

Battlerite is available now on Steam. For more information, visit the official website.

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