Origin PC Announces Line of Liquid Cooled Systems, Lightens Wallets

For a fair number of us, building computers is something we do as needed.  For others, it’s something that is a painstaking process and having someone do it for us is the best option.  For the majority, though, the concept of liquid-cooling is something that sounds cool, but actually doing it can seem very daunting.  Origin PC, though, has taken that step for us and announced their new Frostbyte and Cryogenic lines, both of which featured pre-installed liquid-cooling.

Admittedly, Origin isn’t the first or the last company to offer pre-built systems aimed at gamers, and not even the first to offer liquid cooling.  However, taking a look at their order page shows that there’s an absolute ton of options for customizing your own computer, both with and without the liquid cooling.  As with any pre-built computer, the price is going to be noticeably higher.  Really, though, what you’re paying for is someone else taking the chance of screwing the machine up, as well as a solid warranty.  A quick check of Reseller Ratings show that they’re averaging a 9/10 for customer service, which is always a bonus.  They also offer a few other features such as free t-shirts, the ability to upgrade your system as you go, a specialized wooden crate that they ship in and more.

Using their system to build my own machine with the Frostbyte cooling showed that it would cost approximately $700 to $1000 more than doing it myself.  Given that I’ve had to replace the motherboard on my machine, have had tons of minor problems, and still cannot be completely convinced that everything is how I want…and I want to upgrade my video card already….it really can be beneficial to have a company there to do all of the grunt work for you.

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