Online Play Comes to Killer Instinct Classic Tonight

Microsoft has announced that online play will be coming to Killer Instinct Classic that came with Xbox One’s Killer Instinct.

The 2.3 update to the port of the original fighter will bring competitive online play to the game, and will be going live tonight.

Other notes that Microsoft included in the announcement include details on upcoming updates and glitches that will be fixed:

• We updated the front page of If you scroll down to the Season 1 Changelist, you can now see an image of the Story Mode Mural!
• Riptor’s correct Ultra Music is not playing because of a bug. We’re trying to fix that via patch before the next Content Update.
• When you unlock a Story Mode XP bonus, that XP is Player XP only (not Character XP also).
• There is a known issue with Story Mode XP sometimes unlocking, but not depositing. We’re investigating a fix for that as well.

Recently, Killer Instinct veteran Riptor came to the Xbox One iteration of the series as part of the game’s ongoing second season of fighters and content.

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