Nyko releases new Power Grip for PS Vita

If you have a PS Vita, you know that it feels pretty good in your hands.  It is a bit tricky to rest your fingers next to the back touchscreen at times though.  The battery life isn’t the greatest either.  Nyko is looking to solve both of these issues in one package with the new Power Grip.

Leading gaming peripherals manufacturer Nyko Technologies®today released the Power Grip for PlayStation® Vita, a clip-on grip that features a built-in rechargeable battery and a sleek ergonomic design. With double the battery life and an ergonomic design that provides enhanced comfort and control, the Power Grip gives players everything they need for a marathon PS Vita gaming session. Grab your very own Power Grip today for $29.99 from your local GameStop!

Not a bad price, and it looks like it doesn’t add too much bulk to the system.  It’s too bad it wasn’t available at launch, but at least you can get it now.


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