No Man’s Sky receives free “Atlas Rises” update

Ever since the controversial release of Hello Game’s No Man’s Sky, the team has released several patches to improve the game’s experience. Atlas Rises will be bringing many changes including a new procedural mission system, trade improvements, system economies, and limited joint exploration.

Atlas Rises will be bringing a new story, introducing a new interdimensional race and ancient portals. These portals will send you to previous planets, or jump you to randomly new worlds. This update will bring a new question system and branching narrative to the game promising 30 hours of new story content. This doubles the lore of the current game.

In addition, wealth, economy, and conflict levels are added to regenerated star systems. The Galaxy Map has been updated, allowing you to filter the map by lifeform, wealth, and economy after installing galactic technology.

Visiting the Mission Agent in Space Stations allows you to start unique and rewarding tasks. Missions are, much like most of the game, procedurally generated, and are available to a wide variety of play styles such as scanning, trading, combat, and exploration. NPC Guilds have also been introduced with even more objectives. Increasing your standing with these guilds unlocks more difficult missions.

Trading has been overhauled with new trade goods being added and Star systems being based on their economic standing. Players can even extract valuable elements from a planet’s atmosphere with these new “Gas harvesters.”

A new terrain editing tool has been added, allowing players to remove of mold landscapes anywhere on the planet. Using this tool, you can customize the planet to make your own twisted design, even hiding your base from plain sight.

The first step to highly demanded co-op has been added. Up to 16 players can see and communicate together, even though they appear as floating orbs. This interaction is very limited, but allows proximity based voice chat and is a first step into having a truly co-op experience in No Man’s Sky.

For more information on the Atlas Rises update, or to read the patch notes, visit the official website.

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