No Man’s Sky players unable to find each other on the same planet

UPDATE August 10:   No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray has given insight on the issue of players not seeing each other while playing in the same planetary system.

In a flurry of Twitter posts, Murray explained that the team at Hello Games had intended for players to eventually find each other in the game, but they didn’t expect it to happen on the first day.

Murray also references the sheer amount of people playing as part of the problem, stating that “too many [people] are playing right now. More than we could have predicted.”

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Two No Man’s Sky players have conducted an experiment to find that players ostensibly cannot see each other in-game.

After player TheSadCactus happened upon a planet which had been previously discovered by another player, Psytocat, both linked up online and began streaming on Twitch as they set out to find each other in the game world. After attempting to meet at landmark locations on the planet and its orbiting space station, both players have so far failed to find any trace of each other within the game.

During an interview with Game Informer back in 2014, creator Sean Murray stated that the game was “not an MMO,” explaining that it would be very unlikely for players to find each other in the game’s vast galaxy. He also stated, however, that the game’s lobbies “can carry a few people.” Whether or not players are grouped into lobbies based on propinquity is unclear. More recently, Murray made a more curt statement on multiplayer via Twitter, stating that Hello Games’ space sim “is not a multiplayer game.”

No Man’s Sky has become one of the most anticipated games of its generation. Considering the outrageous hype leading up to this week’s release, it came as something of a surprise when we heard that review copies weren’t made available prior to launch.

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