Nintendo Makes a Mega Announcement about Pokémon X/Y

Mega Mewtwo

Nintendo’s highly-anticipated 3DS titles Pokémon X and Pokémon Y were given yet another exciting reveal today, with the announcement of Mega Evolutions, a temporary evolutionary state that some Pokémon will be able to enter during battle to give them the edge over their opponents.

Now, unlike any of X/Y’s predecessor’s, certain Pokémon will have this powerful new form available when certain conditions are met. Players hoping to unleash the power of Mega Mewtwo, for example, will have to obtain a certain item for Mewtwo to hold. Discovering and accessing these special forms will undoubtedly be a source of unknown quantities of entertainment for hardcore Pokémon fans.

Competitive nerds rejoice! Now battles may be swayed one way or another by the added element of this short-lived ultimate form. While Nintendo has given us a pretty good look at how this will function, we still have much to learn as to how big of a role this addition will play and how often we’ll be seeing it as we play through. We’ll update you when we know more, so check back here at for the latest on this Mega development. Until then, enjoy these screenshots!

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