Nintendo Does Not Announce Metallic Pink 3DS

Feast your eyes on the new Metallic Pink DSi XL, the newly recolored incarnation of Nintendo’s previous handheld.  Featuring excellent battery life, screens nearly twice as large as the original DS, an enormous library of fantastic games, and no 3D optics whatsoever, I honestly can’t think of any portable gaming console more deserving of your $169.99.

On Sept. 18, the range of hardware colors for the portable Nintendo DSi XL system grows to include Metallic Rose, an eye-catching shade of pink with a luminous modern sheen. For kids eager to head back to school in style or busy adults with an appetite for on-the-go entertainment, this new color option rolls fun and fashion into one irresistible package.

Nintendo also made mention of a couple more new games coming out this fall for the DS: Kirby Mass Attack, in which players corral and maneuver a mob of Kirby characters with the touch screen controls, and the mind-teasing puzzles of Professor Layton and the Last Specter.

The Metallic Pink DSi XL is due on store shelves September 18th, with Kirby Mass Attack releasing the next day and Professor Layton following on October 17th.

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