Nintendo Details Nintendo ID, Other Features

Three days. Can you feel it? We’re getting close to the Wii U’s imminent launch, and nothing excites the gaming masses quite like… internet browsing details. Bill Trinen of Nintendo of America guides you through some more features of Nintendo’s new hardware. You’ll get hard facts about exactly how Nintendo ID will tie your created profiles to your Wii U system, as well as basic information about how Wii to Wii U system transfers will take place. Miiverse is also on display, showing off some mock examples of how Miiverse will tie into your gaming experiences and interactions with other players. You’ll also get to see how easy it is to switch from playing on the big screen to the Gamepad, and watch TV while you’re gaming (which looks pretty awesome). Also, Bill Trinen holding an orange. Sure, why not? The video itself is after the break, and stay tuned here for more coverage of the Wii U launch.


Wii U – Nintendo Network, Miiverse, and Internet Browser

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