Next-Gen Makeover

The problem with each new generation of consoles is, that the design gets more appaling every time.

From this beauty, the Odyssey…


…to the GameCube…


…to the current monsters, the PS4 and the Xbox One. If you prefer not to defile your carefully planned Feng Shui living room with these freaks of nature, the people at House of Grafix have come up with a solution:



Any doubts of getting yourself a next-gen console should be considered done away with now.

Get it here!

Tom has been gaming ever since he could walk. As soon as he got his hands on an NES, his childhood revolved around the adventures of Mario and Link. Later on, he switched to Playstation, but eventually became a PC fanboy, and to this day it still remains his platform of choice. Tom studies law at Ghent University, Belgium and next to video games, his hobbies are a variety of martial arts, playing rugby and once in a while he also does a CrossFit workout.

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