Newest update to robo-shooter Hawken adds new map, new gear, yuletide cheer

Do you like gigantic walking tanks?  Of course you do. In fact, I’d bet only thing you like more than huge stompy mechs are huge stompy mechs dressed up in jaunty, festive colors–and Hawken has you covered.  Hawken’s latest update gives players the new “Wreckage” map and the return of “Operation Frostburn,” a holiday themed event.

As the name suggests, the new map centers around the hulk of an immense cargo ship.  The ship’s contents remain unknown–but Hawken lore suggests it could be exceedingly valuable.  Players will be able to duke it out within the crashed hull and in the swamps outside in nearly every game mode Hawken offers.

If swamps and abandoned hulks seem a bit bleak for the holidays, Hawken’s Operation Frostburn will keep things a bit more festive.  Players will be able to dress their mechs up in holiday-themed gear–including an adorable Frosty the Snowman themed repair droid–and stomp around holiday-themed maps.  Check out the video for more info and to see the cutest little repair bot you can imagine.

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