Newegg Celebrates ‘Gametober’ with Events and Contests

Online retailer Newegg has announced plans to offer sales and events over the course of October as part of its “Gametober” celebration.

The first event will be held on October 10th at the Hybrid Center in Los Angeles. The event will focus on showcasing the recently launched Haswell X99. Those who attend will be able to compete in tournaments for prizes, including the X99 or Z97 motherboards and other PC peripherals.

The second event (also hosted at the Hybrid Center) will begin on October 25th in celebration of the Acer’s newest gaming notebook, where attendees will be able to participate in tournaments for games like StarCraft II, Hearthstone, Titanfall and League of Legends. Tournament winners will be awarded with two tickets to BlizzCon.

Lastly, Newegg will take part in a BlizzCon Blitz Sweepstakes that will award one person a trip for two to BlizzCon, including tickets and a round-trip to Los Angeles. Runner-ups will receive an Xbox One console as well as Rosewill PC peripherals.

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