New Watch Dogs trailer shows off some interesting characters

There is little doubt from the interviews and preview that we did on Watch Dogs that it’s highly anticipated here at Gaming Trend. Today we’ve got a trailer that shows off some of the interesting characters you’ll meet in the Ubisoft representation of Chicago. From friends to foes (and a few folks that could be both), it’s pretty clear that it’s hard for Aiden to find people he can trust. Here’s a bit from my preview to whet your appetite:

Hacking a data center presents the player with a ‘turn the pipes to enable flow’ style puzzle system. These start out simply enough, but eventually you’ll see pipes (90 degree, T-intersections, etc.) that when touched trigger alarm countdown timers. There are often multiple layers of security, and all of your hacking is in real time, allowing guards to sneak up on you as you remain jacked into cyberspace. A little planning (or liberal application of the asp – an extensible steel tactical baton that collapses for ease of concealment) goes a long way. Once you breach the secure data center you can take control of ctOS-enabled objects like blockers, lights, and other electronic items in the area, but the racks often contain something far more interesting. People in the real world are often dazzled by the convenience of their phones without thought of how their precious moments are stored. The people in Watch Dogs suffer a similar affliction, and their memories, secrets, and horrors are stored in the data vaults mentioned above. These moments are digital curiosities and entirely optional, ranging from watching a couple play a motion-enabled exercise game, an angry husband thinking about murdering his wife, or somebody using virtual glasses (*cough* Google Glass *cough*) to fly a drone around to spy on his neighbors.


As somebody with over 15 years of Network Engineering expertise under their belt (and far too many books on hacking), I’ll be tackling this review myself. Stay tuned!

Watch Dogs will be available worldwide on May 27, 2014, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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