Swords and Spells monster pictures released


Grab your sword and polish your armor. Xyrality, the developers and publishers of Swords and Spells, have spilled out pictures of creatures that you will encounter on your adventures in Abion. The new mobile phone game will be coming out shortly, so don’t worry.

After some first impressions the last few days on the landscapes and the armory of the mobile fantasy RPG, Xyrality introduces today the enemies which the player will face on his journey through “Abion”. A variety of monsters, some dreadful, others majestic, allow the players to get a glimpse of their future opponents.

This game might sound new to some people and they might be wondering if this game is any good. That’s all based on what you enjoy, so take a look at the description and see if it pleases you. If it does, and you would like to get more involved with it, you can pre-register for a chance to be invited to a closed beta.

 “Swords and Spells” is a high quality mobile fantasy RPG set in the fascinating world of “Abion”. Players choose a hero and embark on a captivating journey through “Abion”, completing more than 100 missions and defeating over 90 different monsters on the way. “Swords and Spells” offers tons of carefully designed weapons, pieces of armour and other special items. Versatile battle and skill systems offer players a lot of strategic options as well as some heavy tactical challenges. The Unity3D-Engine in place allows for a 3D character display, in which players can experience the development of their character in real time while setting up attributes and gear for the next battle. Last but not least, this innovative mobile RPG is topped up by high quality graphics.


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