New Rocksmith DLC Answers the Plight of the Bassist

So far, the guitar is the only instrument that’s been playable with Ubisoft’s Rocksmith . That’s about the change as it was announced today that upcoming downloadable content will include support for playing a bass guitar. If you haven’t bought Rocksmith  yet because your a bassist and have been waiting for the moment the game supported your instrument, the standard edition of the game will begin to include the bass DLC soon after the DLC’s release.

All of the game’s existing tracks, including the DLC tracks, will be updated to include the bass parts of the song. The new bass update will accomodate bassits of all experience levels, from novice to rockstar, with the ability to emulate any 4-string or 6-string bass guitar.

The new DLC will release on September 4, 2012, for $29.99. The standard edition will begin including the bass DLC starting on October 16th, 2012, for $79.99.

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