New Penny Arcade Character Skins for Dungeon Defenders

Trendy Entertainment is releasing four new Penny Arcade character skins for Dungeon Defenders in honor of the PAX East 2012 expo. The character skins include the Penny Arcade duo, Tycho and Gabe (or rather, Gabe’s alter-ego, Cardboard Tube Samurai), as well as Annarchy and Jim Darkmagic.  Jeremy Stieglitz, CTO and co-founder of Trendy Entertainment, commented:

We’re all HUGE fans of the Penny Arcade strip, and of how they’ve consistently churned out hilarious and thought-provoking comics on the gaming industry for well over a dozen years. It’s a gigantic feather in our cap to hear that Mike and Jerry are fans of Dungeon Defenders.

The skins will go on sale as a package on the Steam this Friday, but PAX attendees can get the DLC for free at the Reverb Publishing booth.

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