New Overwatch hero, Doomfist, finally revealed — playable in PTR

One of the most anticipated and rumored in Overwatch lore, Doomfist, has finally been officially revealed and is now playable in the game’s Public Test Region servers.

Doomfist, hailing from Nigeria as one of the leading members of Talon, marks Overwatch’s 25th playable character. His eponymous gauntlet has been seen in Overwatch’s online cinematics, comic books, and even fastened upon the payload in the Numbani map. These appearances—and several heavy-handed nods and winks from Blizzard—had long been taken by fans as a string of hints at the character’s inevitable arrival—’long’ meaning as far back as 2015.

Doomfist is an offensive character, as described by game director Jeff Kaplan, designed to run into the fray head-on. His signature ability, Rocket Punch, sends Doomfist boosting forward with extreme speed and force, reaching further and hitting harder relative to how long the player charges the attack. The hero’s Rising Uppercut, which sends Doomfist several feet in the air, can be combined with Seismic Slam, wherein Doomfist slams the ground and pulls enemies closer to him. His primary weapon, a knuckle-mounted mini shotgun, can fire four shots in quick succession and has a passive reloader. Doomfist’s Ultimate ability, Meteor Strike, sends him up in the air for a few seconds as the player targets an area below to send him crashing down, incapacitating all characters in Doomfist’s immediate vicinity.

Kaplan offers more details about the new character in the video below.

Developer Update | Introducing Doomfist | Overwatch

Doomfist is currently playable in the Overwatch PTR servers, which means Blizzard is still working on balancing and testing the character before letting him loose in the wild. No date was given for Doomfist’s official Overwatch induction, but if you can’t wait to try him out, you can find out about how to participate in the PTR here.

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