New MLB The Show 14 video shows off PS4 enhancements

You probably saw our review for MLB 14 The Show on the PlayStation 3 and Vita recently, but there are obviously a lot of eyes on the upcoming PlayStation 4 version. Today we’ve got a new video showing off some of the enhancements and features exclusive to that platform.  Items like the new Quick Counts and Player Lock allow you to play a game in as little as 10 minutes help you sim through games faster without skipping them, and Player Lock lets you snap onto a single player for the whole season.  Managed Game lets you play as, you guessed it, the manager of the club, allowing you to set strategy for your pitching and hitting staff.  Sportscast Manager lets you watch the simulation, but allows you to jump in at any time.  There are several other new features including dynamic difficulty (for chumps like me!) and some UI changes that should interest every sports enthusast.  Check out the video above for all of the details.

Look for MLB 14 The show on PlayStation 4 on May 6th.

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