New missions come to SolForge

SolForge is a great game with a unique leveling aspect.  The main gameplay is simple.  You create your deck, draw five cards, and play two.  You fight for control of five alleys to protect your hit points while depleting them from you opponent.  While you can play single games to test your deck, missions really test your mettle.  Two new missions are available now to SolForge.

Forgeborns! Starting today, play two brand-new, free-to-play missions including the Rumblestone Elemental Mission and the Staff of Vaerus Mission.

With the Rumblestone Elemental Mission, fight your way through the onslaught of Rumblestone Elementals. Each turn will bring a new wave of enemies that you must survive and overcome. Beat the enemy waves and win the Rumblestone Elemental Heroic card.

Those mighty enough to complete the Staff of Vaerus Mission will earn you the Legendary card, Staff of Vaerus!

While you can pay for credits for cards, you can play and get plenty of cards without having to pay a dime.  If you are a fan of Hearthstone or other similar games, be sure to check out SolForge.

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