New Mass Effect being written by Halo 4 frontman

Here on N7 day, Bioware has decided to release a few tidbits of information regarding the next Mass Effect release. The biggest part of this news comes in the form of Chris Schlerf being notched as Lead Writer.

If you are unaware, Schlerf was the Lead Writer on 343’s Halo 4. “As a writer, I write for characters,” Schlerf states on Bungie’s website. “To me, it’s always about what makes my characters tick and what stories I can tell through those characters that will actually engage people about their own lives. It provides a mirror to that player’s experience [so that they are] not just sitting back in an armchair.”

Apart from Schlerf, some of the other big names include Chris Wynn (Senior Developmental Director), Fabrice Condominas (Producer), and Ian Frazier (Lead Designer).

When it comes to forming ideas for the next Mass Effect, Ian Frazier stated…

“We have a lot of tribal knowledge of what makes Mass Effect work,” he says. “But we also do a lot of experimentation. We try stuff, and then we do internal focus tests with fans. We’ll see their reactions, and when we see things that across the board people are getting excited about, then we know we have something good.”

You can check out a few list of names within the article from Bungie below.

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