New Krosmaster sets up for pre-order

A game that has intrigued me for a while is Krosmaster from Japanime games.  With what I saw from GenCon, you battle other players in a virtual arena.  It looks like it plays fast, has some depth to it, and they are constantly bringing out characters for it.  It looks like now might be a good time to get into it, as they are bringing two new sets out, as well as a Junior edition.

Season 2 Window Boxes for Krosmaster: Arena are coming! And what’s even better, you can get them for a fantastic deal!

Window Boxes 1-4 are being released on October 1st, and Window Boxes 5-8 will be released November 1st.

Pre-order the first 4 now on our website and you will receive the Lou & Grampy promos along with the expansions, which will ship out together on October 1st. Pre-order the other 4 sets and you will receive the Joris and Young Kerubim promos along with them!

Have you been waiting for Krosmaster: Junior? You can pre-order it now! Junior Pre-orders will ship with free shipping AND a new-yet-to-be-seen promo in November! This will be perfect timing to store it away for a Christmas present for your family. What is it? A lighter version of Krosmaster Arena! The main spirit of the Arena is brought to you with Krosmaster Junior, allowing even the youngest players to understand the rules and play with a friend or three.

Game Includes: 1 Rulebook, 4 game boards, 4 Krosmaster Notebooks, 4 exclusive figures & 1 booster including the 4 Krosmaster Arena cards. Also included are Terrain, Pet tokens, Kama tokens, Injury Markers, Dice and a Scoring Notepad.

To find out more about all their products, hit their store page here.

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