New King of Fighters XIII Tutorial Video

The King of Fighters XIII goes back to the day where you had to execute moves cleanly within specific frames of animation.  If you have picked up the game and have been having troubles, there’s a new video tutorial from Atlus that can help.

The ATLUS-produced KOF XIII video tutorial series seeks to give players useful advice and strategies to improve their performance.  Today’s video, actually part two of the one released at the end of 2011, is again hosted by James Chen (a.k.a. jchensor), a well-known figure in the fighting game community, and’s Kane317.  The new tutorial continues its focus on experienced fighting game players, diving into greater detail about key strategies for success and the many differences and nuances to be explored and mastered in THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII.  The video also raises concerns that ATLUS may be attempting to assemble some form of a crude KOF XIII army.

Get more details about the video in the Press Release, and check out the full video below.


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