New Jets, New Colors in Next Ace Combat: Assault Horizon DLC

Since its release six weeks ago, Namco’s Ace Combat: Assault Horizon has been unleashing a barrage  of optional DLC for fans to maximize their customization options.  The largest salvo yet arrives next week when individually priced new skins and flyable aircraft will join the squadron.   We’ve got all fifty glorious screenshots within, plus pricing details after the jump.

F-15S/MT D

Price: 480 MS Points/$5.99

Description: The F-15S/MT D is an experimental aircraft developed to increase maneuverability and designed for short takeoff and landing abilities. An electronic control system simultaneously operates the horizontal stabilizer, 2DCD thrust-vectoring nozzle, and canard wings, resulting in turning performance that exceeds the capabilities of conventional multirole aircraft. The oversized canard wings provide a large degree of dynamic lift allowing for increased maneuverability and stability during stall recovery, regardless of speed. S/MTD stands for “Short Takeoff and Landing/Maneuver Technology Demonstrator.”

Similar details about the new Tornado GR.4 ($5.99) and new color schemes for the A-10A Thunderbolt and F-117A Nighthawk ($3.99 each) can be found by clicking the Press Release button below.  Better yet, check out our comprehensive gallery of all fifty screenshots below and then let us know in our forums what sort of content you’d like to see over the assault horizon.


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