New FIFA 14 trailer introduces new shooting physics


The latest FIFA 14 trailer is available, revealing two new features for the offensive side of the pitch.  True Shot and Real Ball Physics take the on-field dynamics of real footballers to the game, giving offensive-minded players more power than ever before.

Pure Shot physics allows the players on-screen to make placement and stride adjustments before they take their shot, put the most power and accuracy possible in your hands.  This really fixes a big problem with older FIFA games, as chances at goal are few and far between, and many would simply flail over the net or straight to the goalie due to poor strikes from unrealistic placement.  This also allows for Player Awareness stats to be more important than ever, as strikers with low awareness will likely make unfavorable adjustments on the ball.

In addition to the new Pure Shot, FIFA has added Real Ball Physics to the way the ball reacts after being kicked.  Strikers who rely on power, such as Didier Drogba, will have more velocity and drive behind their shots, while more finesse players like Cristiano Ronaldo will have improved movement and arc on their shots.  Other special shots, such as Gareth Bale’s signature knuckleball shot, are also included and perfected using Real Ball Physics. These new features are nice improvements to a very well-received and critically acclaimed franchise.

FIFA 14 is slated for a September 24, 2013 release. For more information, visit the FIFA 14 homepage.



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