New Elements Trailer for Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition

I can remember getting a look at The Witcher at E3 several years ago.  While what they had was impressive, I really wondered how well the game would do because it was a largely unknown developer.  Thankfully The Witcher was recognized as one of the best RPGs of 2007.  They updated it in 2008, and eventually they spawned a sequel.  The Witcher 2 was again recognized as a great RPG, and they are coming out with an Enhanced Edition again.  This version isn’t limited to the PC version though.  The Xbox 360 is going to be getting this version as well.  If you want to find out the differences between the original and Enhanced Edition, check out the video after the break.

For those of you unaware of The Witcher 2, here’s what the developer has to say about the game and the Enhanced Edition:

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings features an engrossing and very mature storyline that defines a new standard for realistic, non-linear game narration.  With a mixture of beautiful visuals and dynamic action, The Witcher 2 puts players in a living and believable world.  The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 is impeccably adapted for the console experience and delivers significant enhancements to the critically-acclaimed PC title. The game includes 4+ hours of new content and new gameplay and story elements, and marks the first appearance of the esteemed RPG on consoles.

I’m looking forward to finally playing this on the Xbox 360, and having it on the consoles should give The Witcher even more visibility.

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