New details, amiibo support in Super Mario Odyssey Overview Trailer

Today, Nintendo has revealed a new overview trailer for their highly anticipated game, Super Mario Odyssey. In this trailer, we’re given more plot, gameplay and Amiibo details ahead of its launch later this month.

Primarily, this overview is a explanation of elements we’ve already seen such as the ability to use Cappy to “capture” enemies and use their powers to get around the world. However, we’ve been shown more ways to use Cappy such as moving manhole covers and uncovering bags of trash to reveal a power moon.

Also revealed previously was the ability to obtain different outfits depending on which level you are in including Mario’s outfit from Super Mario Maker.

Nintendo also revealed details on two new modes, the two player mode where a player controls Cappy independently, and the new assist mode, which has arrows showing Mario where to go as well as only take a peg of life if he falls off the map.

More Amiibo support has been revealed as well. The three Amiibo being released alongside Super Mario Odyssey will unlock special wedding outfits, but each have an added bonus as well. Mario’s will grant temporary invincibility, Peach’s will give a life-up heart, and Bowser’s will reveal the location of regional coins. Any other Amiibo used will reveal the location of a Power Moon.

Super Mario Odyssey will be released on Nintendo Switch on October 27th, 2017. Be on a look-out for our review when the game blasts off.

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