New batch of companies selected for HTC’s AR/VR accelerator program

Today, HTC Vive’s global AR/VR accelerator program, Vive X, received its third batch of start-up companies. Vive X companies will share the goal of helping developer AR and VR technology.

By being selected into Vive X, these companies become part of a program that is unlike any other start-up accelerator. Vive X is a service-orientated strategic investor that offers unparalleled access to expertise, resources, planning and an extensive network throughout the AR/VR industry. By making all of its resources available, Vive helps these startups mature and go to market, and offers value that goes far beyond financial investment. With this third batch, Vive X is expanding its operations into a fifth location in Tel Aviv, furthering its mission to find and advance the best teams globally.

26 start-up companies were chosen to join the Vive X program from around the world today. These companies are:

San Francisco

  • Apelab — Brings the software toolkit Spatial Stories which allows developers, designers, or anyone without knowledge of coding build an interactive batch of XR content.
  • CALA — Offering a software solution empowering fashion designers to turn ideas into garments more quickly.
  • Cloudgate Studio — Game development studio behind VR titles Brookehaven Experiment and Island 359
  • eLoupes — Provides real-time surgical imaging system for the operating room.
  • Nanome — Plans to democratize science and engineering using Blockchain and VR technology.
  • Neurable — Innovations in neuroscience and machine learning by developing brain-computer interfaces for VR control.
  • Quantum Capture — Powering AI-assisted virtual agents by building a strong behavioral engine.
  • QuarkVR — Compression and streaming technology for VR and AR experiences.


  • Future Tech — Creates quality games and VR content for users globally.
  • Genhaosan — Creates a VR entertainment solution for karaoke.
  • JuDaoEdu — Commits research on VR labs for K-12 students.
  • Lenqiy — VR content developer that provides creative education to teenagers.
  • PanguVR — Creates AI-driven VR technology with a focus on advanced computing.
  • Pillow’s Willow VR Studios — Creates fairytale games for 3DoF and 6DoF VR with high-quality visuals and high performance.
  • Yue Cheng Tech — Selected more than 300 top-quality VR contents to create the world’s first professional VR cinema in an aim to become the “Netflix in VR.”


  • Antilatency — Creates positional tracking solutions for VR/AR that enable multiplayer experiences without scale limits in the tracking area.
  • Configreality — Understanding human spatial perception, they work to create a proprietary spatial compression algorithm.
  • Super Node — Visual intelligence company that enables machines to learn their surrounding environments.
  • VRWaibao — Offering a multiplayer platform in VR while creating VR applications for banking, manufacturing, real estate, healthcare, military, and more.
  • Wewod — Focusing on delivering location-based entertain and education for VR platforms.


  • COVER — Provides a virtual live streaming platform that users can perform with their avatars for an audience to watch via mobile devices.
  • Looxid Labs — Developed an emotional analytics platform using bio-sensors that measure users’ eyes and brain activities specifically for VR.
  • Red Pill Lab — Optimizes workflow of real-time character animation by using deep learnign algorithms.
  • VRCollab — Takes Building Information Modelling to a new level by enabling architects, engineers, planners, and consultants to collaborate on construction projects.

Tel Aviv

  • Astral Vision — Turns amusement park rides into VR attractions.
  • REMMERSIVE — Creates full immersive driving simulators, founded by technologists and race driving champions.

This long list of companies is just the third batch on the Vive X project. Since July, 2016, Vive X has invested in over 80 companies to help creating more immersive VR and AR technology. For more information on Vive X and the companies working within it, visit the official website.

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