New album of video game drum covers from AF Drums

Andrew Fleming, a talented drummer known on YouTube for his video game music covers, has released an album of drum covers on NoiseTrade. And it’s free!

Fleming, known as AF Drums on YouTube, has compiled nine of his drum covers from the past year on this collection of instrumental tracks. His arrangements include excerpts from games like Final Fantasy X, Pokemon Red/Blue, Destiny, and the original Sonic the Hedgehog.

Pokemon - Red/Blue "Opening" Gameboy - Drum Cover

Fleming displays a tasteful sensitivity to each theme’s dynamic contour, obedient to the score’s original percussion parts during more reserved segments, then rapidly escalating to a flurry of metal drum fills without ever obscuring the music. His rendition of FFX’s Battle Theme adheres to Nobuo Uematsu’s original composition with small interpolations of interpretive flair, while his cover of Sonic’s Green Hill Zone unfolds fresh rock-inspired elements from the ‘90s chip tune. His work is exciting and worth checking out!

Back in June, Fleming’s arrangement of the Pokemon Red/Blue Opening Theme was featured during the Pokemon 20th Anniversary festivities.


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