New 007 Legends Video and Screens

Activision has brought us some new media for their latest James Bond game, 007 Legends. With this video, they reveal two more missions you’ll be playing through based on various Bond movies throughout history; in addition to Moonraker and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, you’ll be able to romp your way through License to Kill and Die Another Day. While I personally wouldn’t consider Die Another Day a “Legend” in the 007 series, to each their own, I suppose. It’s an interesting concept, at least, to distill each movie down to it’s best sequences and allow the player to run-and- gun their way through them with the coolest weaponry and gadgets, and they still have two more missions left to reveal. As long as we get Christopher Walken, I’ll be fine. The video and screenshots are below the jump, and be sure to look for 007 Legends on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC come October 16th.


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