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This morning we have a look at The Guardian Fighter – one of three classes available during the Beta Weekend just a few days ago.  (If you missed out on our extensive preview with the title, you can drop in and check it out right here. )  The class montage gives us a closer look at the Guardian Fighter’s role in combat – here’s a quick bit of info on the character class:

Guardian Fighters aren’t just your typical sword and shield, melee tank in Neverwinter . This class uses a variety of medium melee weapons, including a battleaxe, and has a large pool of hit points to not only be able to deal damage, but also take it. Movement while blocking requires stamina, so it takes the clever to strike a balance between blocking and preventing the stamina bar from depleting.

Honestly, Neverwinter slipped under my radar a bit.  I checked out the video and Jeff’s impressions and now I’m very interested!  The game is free-to-play and looks pretty phenomenal.  If you’ve had it slip past you as well, you might want to check the video below:

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