NetEase Games announces Immortal Conquest beta

NetEase Games announced its beta for Immortal Conquest, as well as plans to release the game in the first quarter of 2017 for iOS and Android devices. The free-to-play terrain-based strategy game’s beta will be open to those who register before the release date.


Immortal Conquest challenges players to establish, manage, and grow an empire in a warring fantasy world, where competition for land is fierce and strategic alliances are vital for total world domination. Players interact with each other on a single shared map made up of more than 2 million pieces of land, all of which offer a unique combination of resources and functions that can be manipulated to benefit a player’s growing empire. The game will also feature more than 300 heroes with different skills in order to lead troops to victory.
The beta is available now for Android devices. However, progress will not carry over when the game launches in the first quarter of 2017.

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