Need for Speed Most Wanted receives three DLC packs


EA has announced through press release that Need for Speed Most Wanted receives three DLC packs today:

1. Need for Speed Most Wanted Terminal Velocity
This DLC opens up a massive international airport called “Hughes International Airport”, in the game’s city, Fairhaven City. Also, the DLC adds new cars to the game, including the Porsche 918 Spyder (2013), the BMW 1 Series M Coupe (2012), and the Audi RS3 (2012). The DLC also includes 136 new multiplayer milestones, 10 new multiplayer speedlists, 40 new billboards, and 8 new achievements. The price for the DLC is 1200 MS points ($14.99).

2. Need for Speed Movie Legends
Five iconic cars (as seen in movies) are included when you purchase this DLC pack. These cars are the Aston Martin DBS (2008), the Aston Martin DB5, the Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am Special Edition (1977), the Dodge Charger R/T (1970), and the Shelby GT500 (1967). The DLC also comes with 8 new single player sprint events, 136 new multiplayer milestones, and 50 new license plates. The price for this DLC is 800 MS Points ($9.99).

3. Need For Speed Heroes
Also including five new cars, this DLC pack contains five cars that are famous in the Need for Speed franchise. These cars are the Lamborghini Diablo SV, the Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34), the Nissan 350Z, the Porsche 911 GT2, and the BMW M3 GTR. The DLC includes 8 new races and speed runs, 25 new liveries, and 136 new multiplayer milestones. This DLC will be priced at 800 MS Points ($9.99).

It is also possible to download all three DLC packs in one go, when you purchase the “Deluxe DLC Bundle”. Doing so saves you about $10 — $9.98, to be precise (without taxes) — as opposed to purchasing each DLC pack individually. This bundle will cost you 2000 MS Points ($24.99).


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