NCAA 13 Playbook #1

This year EA is going to show off elements of their newest College Football game through the NCAA 13 Playbook webpage. Check out the website right here. Playbook #1 is now available to look at. It shows off some of the new sights and sounds that will make their way into the final game.

With new trophy presentations, motion blur rendering, progressive lighting and an expanded broadcast presentation, NCAA Football 13 brings a defined sense of realism to light up game days. Pre-game traditions feature several new schools, including:

Purdue Boilermaker run-out

Military parachutists for Army, Navy and Air Force

Oklahoma State Paddle Fans

Texas Cheerleaders

USC Song Girls

The sound department is upgraded too. EA sent their sound guys to 20 different stadiums on game day to record stadium specific chants and chears. Check back with the EA Playbook website periodically since there shold be four more playbook features in the future.

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