Natural Selection 2 gets free weekend, 50% off, and a trailer


This is turning into a great weekend for people who love having fun for free. Combination first-person shooter and realtime strategy game Natural Selection 2 is not only having a free to play weekend on Steam, but is currently available for 50% off its regular price – bringing the game down to a rather decent $12.49 USD for the full game or $19.99 for the deluxe version. 4-packs are available for even more of a discount, for those of you who have been waiting to pressure your friends into joining up with you on this one. Natural Selection 2 features two distinct sides – horrible monsters versus the humans with guns – and comes with a variety of content-modification tools and what seems like some fantastic dev support. In fact, the devs have even put together a trailer for this weekend event – which you’ll see right after the cut.

I may have to give this one a shot this weekend. I’m getting a kind of “Killing Floor but with PVP multiplayer” vibe off of it, which is probably erroneous, but it still looks like there’s a lot of fun to be had. Take a look and judge for yourself.

Natural Selection 2 Free Weekend


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