Namco Bandai Shows Off Vita Support

As the November surge of major game releases gently transitions into a desperate weekend scrabble to get the best possible deal on those games, Namco Bandai wants to remind gamers everywhere that the flow of top-tier titles doesn’t end with the calendar year.  The Playstation Vita, Sony’s next-generation portable gaming platform, will be arriving in North America in late February, and the publisher has three separate titles due to launch alongside it.  We’ve got high-octane ridge racing, stealthy assassinating, and clumps of souls, all in screenshot form, just after the jump!

Ridge Racer
With Ridge Racer, players can expect high-speed drifting at break-neck speeds in high-performance racing machines with exciting new gameplay additions. Drift racing fans looking for edge-of-your-seat action will be able to truly feel the on-screen drama through the revolutionary features of the PS®Vita using the “near” and Wi-Fi functionality that will allow players to instantly race against rivals from around the world in real-time.  Ridge Racer is co-developed by NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. and CELLIUS, inc., a joint venture founded between NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. in 2007.

Touch My Katamari
The latest installment in the Katamari series, Touch My Katamari is the debut of the beloved franchise on PlayStation®Vita. The King of All Cosmos has a whole new bunch of weird and wonderful missions in store as you once again step into the shoes of his son, the prince. Use the PlayStation®Vita touch screen controls or dual analog sticks in conjunction with the rear touch pad to squeeze, stretch and roll your Katamari ball around the environments gathering up every possible object to make it grow. The King will send you to the four corners of the earth to complete your oddball missions and restore his very particular kind of Katamari order to the universe.

Shinobido: 2 Revenge of Zen
In Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen, players will step into the role of Zen, a master assassin, through a thrilling dynamic storyline of betrayal and intrigue.  Zen will use his honed ninja craft to assassinate and silently dispose of the opposition with satisfying and graphic kills. Developed by ACQUIRE Corp., renowned developers of the ninja stealth genre and countless smash hits, Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen will bring an unparalleled level of assassin themed action to the PS®Vita.

You can look forward to all three games debuting on North American shelves this February 22nd, 2012 as part of Sony’s Playstation Vita rollout, and you can look at all three games by browsing our screenshot galleries below!

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