Mystery revealed (Pt. 1): Valve announces linux-based operating system

blahWell, the mysterious timer has come to a close, and Valve has come out with a new Linux-based operating system dubbed SteamOS.  Aimed at “the TV and living room” SteamOS is almost certainly the OS that will be in the long-awaited SteamBox.

What’s intersting about SteamOS?  Well, a couple of things.

Steaming games from your PC to your television–Pretty awesome.  The big hitch here is going to be latency.  We’ll see how well it works when we get our hands on it.

Music, Movie integration– Not much by way of detail here.  Not even a reference to streaming video sites like Netflix.

Family Sharing–A newly announced feature, Steam will let the users share games with members of their household.

Parental Controls–in a new twist, SteamOS will allow parents to determine which games will show up on their Steam Libraries, meaning latch-key kids won’t be getting at your copy of Blood and Sex Rampage 4.

There’s still two more announcements left this week.  The next comes in about 2 days from now. What do you think it will be?

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