Mysterium coming to mobiles and PC

At GenCon 2015 a huge buzz was wrapped around Mysterium.  The line to get it filled up for the few copies sold.  It’s available easily now, but Asmodee digital and Playsoft have announced that it will soon be available on PC and mobile devices.

Asmodee Digital, a studio specializing in the digital adaptation of board games, and the board game publisher, Libellud, are announcing the upcoming release of the award-winning board game Mysterium on iOS, Android and Steam. Developed by innovative French studio Playsoft, this faithful adaptation takes players back in time to the 1920s and shed a light on the mystery that surrounds the murder of the Warwick Mansion ghost.

Mysterium, winner of numerous awards such as the Golden Geek and As d’Or 2016 Game of the Year, has been charming players ever since its launch with more than 300,000 units sold worldwide. Created by the duo Oleksandr Nevskiy and Oleg Sidorenko and published by Libellud, Mysterium quickly became a staple of every board game collection. Today, thanks to Asmodee Digital, the mystery comes to life on smartphones, tablets and PCs in the form of this beautiful digital adaptation.

Ghost or psychic, make your choice!

Join the team of the brilliant clairvoyant Mr. MacDowell as a psychic for an exceptional séance! Lend a hand to the ghost haunting the walls of the Warwick Manor in his search for memories of his suspicious death. Read into the ghost’s visions to gather information on numerous leads in this atmospheric, cunning and immersive game. In Mysterium, gamers can also play as the ghost, whose communication with other psychics is limited to visions and dreams represented by beautifully illustrated cards.

An adventure to experience alone or with other players

Mysterium allows players from all over the world to investigate together in multiplayer mode and cooperate through an in-game chat that enables fellow players to point out visual clues on a card. Players can also share their visions with other psychics and approve or reject their choices with Clairvoyance Tokens. In Mysterium, up to 7 players can join together for fun, engaging games. And for those who wish to enter the manor alone, the Story Mode offers players the possibility to discover who killed the ghost, in which room and with what weapon through a several hours long investigation full of twists and turns.

Exclusive features and new adventures to come

Players well-versed in Mysterium’s secrets can rest assured that Asmodee Digital and Libellud have included exclusive features for the digital version of Mysterium! At launch, players will be able to discover the story of the first original psychic; the stories of the 5 other psychics will be released later as free updates. Still want more? With Hidden Signs, the experience will be enhanced with new mysteries and elements to discover. Available as an in-app purchase at the release of the game in December, this official expansion of Mysterium offers the player new enigmas to solve alone or with friends.

Price and availability

Mysterium will be available in early December on iOS and Android for $6.99 and on Steam for $9.99.
It sounds like there’s plenty there for experienced players to look for, as well as new players.  Look for it at the App Store, Google Play, and Steam in December.
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