Multi-Patch Roundup: Arkham City, Skyrim, Sword of the Stars II, and Renegade Ops

Gaming and patching go hand in hand.  We like to spread word about the big ones whenever we can, and when four popular releases roll out important updates right on top of each other, we figured organizing all the details in one place would be a handy way to stay current.  Bear in mind the fixes listed within currently apply only to the PC editions of their respective games, though in the case of Skyrim, the notes will also apply to the forthcoming 360 and PS3 patches once they go live.

Major fixes for each game include:

Batman: Arkham City

  • Improved performance in DirectX 11 mode
  • Memory allocation fixes for 32-bit operating systems
  • Fixed an uncommon bug on low-end systems where a mid-game boss encounter could not be completed.  The character’s identity could be considered a minor story spoiler, so browse the complete patch notes below at your own discretion.



  • Magic resistances and backwards dragons fixed
  • General stability and performance upgrades, particularly with Core 2 Duo processors
  • Fixed vertical look controls to adjust for the framerate
  • An official Large Address Aware patch allowing the game to utilize up to 4-gigs of RAM is in the works, but not part of this 1.3 update


Sword of the Stars II

  • Resolved several crashes and memory leaks associated with fleet, weapon, and colony management
  • Fixed issue where friendly ships would pursue and fire on each other
  • Increased trade ranges for Human, Tarkas, and Liir-Zuul factions
  • Added tool tips for ship statistic icons, weapon target filter, and weapon behavior buttons


Renegade Ops

  • Fixed crashing issue on 7.1 speaker setups
  • Improved multiplayer stability
  • Fixed installation and launch errors afflicting both the retail and demo versions of the game


The full, official patch notes for each game can be found by clicking the Press Release button below.  The 1.3 update for 360 and PS3 versions of Skyrim is expected once it has been approved by their respective certification teams.

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