MSI Releases Ivy Bridge / GTX 670M powered Laptops

I’ve been hunting for a desktop-replacement level gaming laptop, so I’ve also been doing quite a bit of research in the last few months.   Well, MSI has earned my business with the laptop they are releasing tomorrow morning – their new GT70 and GT60 line.   Fueled by Intel’s oh-so-secret Ivy Bridge and the retooled GeForce GTX670M, plus 12 to 16 GB of RAM, there is no doubt that these laptops are very powerful.  Toss in a pair of SSDs in RAID 0 and a mechanical drive to back them, and you have something that not only replaces a desktop, it blows it away.   Here is a nibble from the press release:

Bringing a new standard to mobile gaming, the GT70 comes with 17.3-inches of Full HD anti-reflective display to maximize visual experience under all lighting conditions, Steel Series full color backlit programmable keyboard with 1000 customizable color combinations, amplified gold plated audio connections for crisper sounds, 12 GB of DDR3 for superb speed, and more.  For gamers looking for even more power, the GT70 is also available with 16 GB of DDR3, BD Burner, and MSI’s Super RAID 0 configuration, a unique combination of 128GB (2*64GB) of SSD RAID 0 and 750GB at 7200RPM for unprecedented storage capacity.

That’s not all of the goodies on this laptop either, there is an awesome set of speakers, a Steel Series keyboard, and much more.   The cost isn’t cheap, but it’s actually less than you think – $1499.99 MSRP.    Look for them to ship out tomorrow (though everyone is backordered until mid-May already), and look for our review of the unit when it arrives at our doorstep!  Check out the full line here.

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