MOGA Gaming System Emerges Into Our World

Hope your thumbs are craving for something new to break in, because the MOGA mobile gaming system is here to win your hearts over, on the fly. This new-comer-system might be the next biggest thing, and there is no hesitation as to wonder why.

 Gamers will finally be able to have a console quality experience on their mobile devices today as PowerA™ announced that the MOGA™ Mobile Gaming System for Android 2.3+ is now available in retail outlets in the U.S. MOGA, the first complete mobile gaming system for Android smart phones and tablets, is now available in more than 7,000 stores including Best Buy, Walmart, Toys”R”Us, Fred Meyer, Gamestop and a nationwide network of additional retailers. It is also available through Amazon and

“MOGA has really captured the imagination of the development community and consumers. We are ecstatic that mobile gamers can finally get their hands on MOGA today,” said Eric Bensussen, President of PowerA. “With huge support at retail that is far beyond what we could have possibly imagined, and a strong in-store demo program, gamers will now be able to experience the right way to game on their mobile devices.”

There is more than a plethora of people in this world today who have smart phones, and of that vast amount, quite a few of them are either intense gamers or “soft” gamers, but either way they’re gamers in general, and this new device will show its brightness and comfort to all of the people of the world.


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