MLB 2k13’s Perfect Game Challenge sees 300,000 attempts

DavidPriceThe MLB 2k13 Perfect Game Challenge has been met 300,000 times to date, with 897 verified winners across all 30 teams according to publisher 2K.  The Perfect Game Challenge offers players a $25,000 prize for the best perfect game with each team, and an ultimate prize of $250,000.  The contest ends April 30.

Of the 897 verified games, there are 617 unique winners.  Each team has a winner, ranging from 100 wins with the Washington Nationals to 1 each for the Cincinnati Reds and Miami Marlins (teams that late players should jump on immediately.)  2k13 cover athlete David Price leads all virtual pitchers with 73 perfect games.

Amongst the various winners across the nation some familiar faces from past challenges have reemerged in this year’s event.  The most famous of those is Wade McGilberry, who won the very first Perfect Game Challenge in 2010, dashing the hopes of all other contestants in just an hour and a half (perhaps the inspiration behind 2k’s broader approach to the prizes today.)  Last year’s runner up, Charlie Bates, is currently in first place, and 6 of the 8 finalists from last year’s challenge have pitched at least one perfect game.

MLB 2k13 is rated E for Everyone and is available now in stores.  For more info on this year’s Perfect Game Challenge, please visit the MLB2k Facebook page and follow the hashtag #CHOOSEME on Twitter.

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