Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is open world, coming February 23, 2016

At Electronic Arts’ E3 press conference, Sara Janssen stepped on stage to detail the anticipated Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, and announce that it will be released February 23, 2016.

Official Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Announcement Trailer | E3 2015

Faith’s story is still set in the City, under totalitarian rule, and it details Faith’s transformation into a runner. Catalyst will take place in an open-world map with no load times or set levels, and littered throughout the City will be challenges and collectibles to find.

Mirror’s Edge sleek, futuristic style is present and even better looking. Facial animations on each of the characters are gorgeous, and surfaces shine red to indicate the path ahead. Janssen also mentioned that Faith is a strong character, who can get by on her own strengths without the help of weapons like guns, indicating that Faith will still combat enemies with just her close-quarters combat skills.

We’ll bring you impressions from the show floor as we continue our E3 coverage throughout the week.


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