Microsoft’s Corporate VP says Sea of Thieves will be “the best game that Rare has ever made”

Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, Kudo Tsunoda has maid some lofty claims about Rare’s upcoming multiplayer adventure game, Sea of Thieves.

Speaking in the upcoming issue of Official Xbox Magazine (via GamesRadar+), Tsunoda says that Sea of Thieves is about letting players create their own memories with the game. “I think what you’re gonna see in Sea of Thieves as we go forward and start talking more about the game is how [the studio is] enabling that kind of player-generated emotional and memory-driven stories that can happen within a game to happen within Sea of Thieves,” Tsunoda told the outlet.

He goes on to say that doing that kind of work is what Rare does best, and it’s the kind of work that Microsoft will continue to have the developer produce.  He closes his thoughts on Sea of Thieves by claiming that it will be “the best game that Rare has ever made.”

Tsunoda was promoted to the Corporate Vice President in 2011 after working as a General Manager and Creative Director for the Kinect.  Prior to Microsoft, he also worked at both EA and 3DO.

Sea of Thieves was announced at E3 during this year’s Xbox press conference.  No release date has been announced.

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