Microsoft Unveils Halo Spartan Strike with Details and Trailer

After an announcement of the game’s existence yesterday, Microsoft has revealed some concrete details on the upcoming top-down shooter Halo: Spartan Strike.

The follow-up to Halo: Spartan Assault will launch on Windows 8 devices and Steam on December 12th, and will cost $5.99.

The game will take place during the events of Halo 2, and will feature 30 missions where you’ll attempt to thwart an invasion attempt on Earth by the Covenant.

The Xbox Wire confirmed some of the game’s features, while also confirming that the previously reported bonuses players would receive in Halo: The Master Chief Collection for playing Spartan Strike wouldn’t be available on the Steam version.

“Crush your enemies using the iconic Warthog jeep, or sweep them from the battlefield using the all-new Kestrel VTOL.

Use all-new weapons (Suppressor, Scatter Shot, Binary Rifle and Incineration Cannon) and armor abilities (Proximity Mine,
Bubble Shield, Teleport, Shock Chain and Airstrike) to dominate on the battlefield.

Face off against new Promethean enemies; deadly mechanical warriors who seek mankind’s annihilation.

Experience an all-new story that will take you from New Mombasa on Earth to the enigmatic Gamma Halo located at the edge of charted space.

Take control! For this top-down shooter, you can choose between keyboard and mouse, USB Xbox controller, or touch-based virtual joystick.

Earn achievements in Halo: Spartan Strike to unlock an exclusive emblem, nameplate, and avatar in Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One (sold separately).”

Microsoft Unveils Halo Spartan Strike with Details and Trailer

Check out the game’s announcement trailer above, and for more on what to expect in Spartan Strike, check out Gaming Trend’s review of its predecessor.

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