Microsoft Patents 360-Degree Gaming Plans

Virtual reality may be closer than we think as the U.S Office of Patents revealed this month a patent filed last year by Microsoft for a 360-degree gaming experience. The patent, which describes an “immersive display experience” depicts a room with a 360-degree projection on the walls of the room. This is perhaps an attempt to safeguard what might be the long-term successor to 2010’s hit Kinect for the Xbox 360. The patent details Microsoft’s intent behind the idea by discussing what it hopes to achieve.

User enjoyment of video games and related media experiences can be increased by making the gaming experience more realistic. Previous attempts to make the experience more realistic have included switching from two-dimensional to three-dimensional animation techniques, increasing the resolution of game graphics, producing improved sound effects, and creating more natural game controllers.

With the patent just a year old, don’t expect Microsoft to release something like this anytime soon, but their interest in developing something like this should be enough to get any science fiction fan fired up.

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