Microsoft E3 2013 Liveblog (9:30 AM PDT)


We’ve got one hell of an E3 ahead of us (and we’ve already gotten a start with early coverage!) and Microsoft is kicking off a full day of conferences stuffed full of games!  Their first conference left some folks feeling a little cold, but Microsoft promises that this one will be all about games, games, games, and games.  Hopefully they pause from all the games to give us a release date and a price, but hey….games!  Plenty of rumors are already swirling about.  Could we see Halo V?  Are the rumors about Fable IV possibly true?   We made some pretty huge predictions on what we might see in general, but for Microsoft’s event specifically I predict we will see The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Destiny, Halo: Spartan Assault, and possibly Mirror’s Edge 2.   Any way you slice it – it’s going to be exciting.  Let’s hope we get some clarification on how a few other items like used games, rentals, and the like as well…

The press event starts at 9:30 AM Pacific, so join us then for our liveblog of the event!

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